Students in Grades 1-4 Show Creative Side in Drawing Contest

Grade 1 through Grade 4 students from the Suleimaniah International School participated in a drawing competition called the Toyota Dream Car Contest on Monday, April 6, 2015.  The event was organized by the Student Life Coordinator and the art teacher.

For the contest, students drew what they think future cars should look like. Afterward, four students were selected from the school to go to Erbil for the finals. One of those four students actually won the entire contest, and she was awarded a gift for the work of art she drew.

The other students, who participated in the final portion of the contest in Erbil, were also given certificates for taking part in the contest and showcasing their talent. This event took place so students could show their creative side.

“The students enjoyed taking part in this contest and it made them feel proud of their abilities. It also made them more self-confident about taking part in contests in the future,” a staff member of the school said.

Suleimaniah International School

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