Grade 5 Students at Suleimaniah Go Bowling

Grade 5 Students at Suleimaniah Go Bowling

Grade 5 students at Suleimaniah International School, a SABIS® PPP school in Kurdistan spent a Saturday at the bowling alley on October 22, 2016.

The students went to City Star to enjoy a day of learning and fun with their friends and teachers. One of the supervisors taught the students how to hold the ball as it was a first time for many. After practicing and playing the students and supervisors entered a friendly competition against one another, which was exciting for all. The day ended with a nice meal in a café nearby.

The trip was organized to give the students a chance to do something exciting and active with their friends and school staff. Learning to bowl was an extra bonus for the students. “It was an exciting day because it was my first time bowling,” shared a student.  To visit the gallery of the event, please click here

Suleimaniah International School

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